MSI WindPad 110W eyes-on (video)

Joining its Intel-powered 100W cousin at CeBIT this week is MSI's WindPad 110W, basically an AMD Brazos-powered remix of the original with a slightly different design. You've got an optical pad on the upper part of the right bezel that controls a mouse pointer -- if you're into that sort of thing -- but hopefully you'll be touching the lovely 10.1-inch IPS display (which it shares with the 100W) directly most of the time. We would've liked to have taken the skinned load of Windows 7 for a spin, but MSI had its demo unit set up on a looping video and kept it under glass or in employees' gentle hands for the entirety of our time at the booth, so we didn't get a great sense for performance; they're targeting mid-year for release, though, so they've got some time left on the clock to put some spit and polish on the package. There'll also be a dock available that plugs into a connector in the bottom of the tablet -- it wasn't on-hand, but the company had some prototype docks connected to WindPad 100A dummy units (showing Honeycomb on their fake displays, interestingly, even though live 100As at the show are running Froyo). Follow the break for a quick video from all angles.