iPad 2 gets a Smart Cover

We can't say we were expecting to be impressed by a case for the new iPad 2, but Apple's pulled something of a surprise out its hat with its new Smart Covers for the tablet. Available in multiple colors and in your choice of polyurethane or leather variants, the covers attach to the iPad with a self-aligning magnetic hinge and can also be folded into a triangle and used as a stand. What's more, they'll automatically wake or put your iPad to sleep when you open or close the cover, and they even pack a microfiber lining that cleans your screen each time you flip it open. As Steve Jobs explained, Apple designed the covers right alongside the iPad itself and, as he pointed out in true sound bite fashion, "it's not a case -- it's a cover." Look for the poly covers to set you back $39, while the leather ones will run $69 apiece -- video is after the break.