Charting the upgrade path from DOS 5.0 to Windows 7 (video)

If you're old enough to remember tweaking your Autoexec.bat and tackling IRQ conflicts, days when launching Windows required typing "win" at a command prompt, prepare for a blast of nostalgia. YouTuber Andrew Tait (aka "TheRasteri") took a freshly minted VMWare instance and spent what looks to be a full day running through every version of Windows starting with DOS 5.0 and Windows 1.0, which was basically just Explorer paired with one heck of a crummy text editor. From there he dutifully leads us on a crazy upgrade path all the way up to modern times, charting interesting things like how long a version of Doom installed in DOS ran (failed in Windows 2000, but worked again in Windows XP) and when color settings made in Windows 2.0 were finally overwritten (also in 2000). It's 10 minutes in length and is probably the most interesting video you won't watch today.