Sony celebrates PS3 success at GDC, 41 million sold worldwide

Tim Stevens
T. Stevens|03.03.11

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Sony celebrates PS3 success at GDC, 41 million sold worldwide
Sony trumps PS3 sales at GDC, 41 million sold worldwide, more than 80 percent are online
It's tough to get solid numbers out of Sony for hardware sales, usually they're cloaked behind a vague "shipped" figure, but at GDC this week the company gave us one rather impressive number: 41 million. That's the number of PS3 consoles the company says it has sold worldwide, and over 80 percent are sucking down data from ye olde internet. Confirming the moneymaking trend we heard about last month, in 2010 the PlayStation store saw a 60 percent boost in traffic and a 70 percent boost in revenue from a total of 70 million PSN accounts. Let's see... 70 million PSN user accounts, 41 million PS3 consoles, 80 percent of which are online -- that means almost everyone has one account for gaming and a second for griefing. Sounds about right.
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