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Updated Windows Phone 7 update isn't updating some Samsung phones for March update (updated)

Man, talk about a flustercuck. After missing a cycle with its mobile phone strategy, the last thing Microsoft needed was a support fiasco related to its very first Windows Phone 7 software update. But after re-releasing a patched software update meant to solve the update issues seen by some Samsung owners, we're now seeing reports of a new issue on Twitter and in a variety of support forums and blog comments. At the moment, there's no clear fix to the dilemma characterized by a wonderfully descriptive "error code 800705B4." Unfortunately, what solves the problem for some (reboots, removing apps, freeing up space on the handset) doesn't work for others. Microsoft's official Windows Phone 7 Support Twitter account has responded to one frustrated customer saying, "We are aware of the error code and are looking into it right now," telling another to hold off on the update while MS investigates. Funny thing is, this minor WP7 update wasn't meant to do anything except prepare phones for the first feature update scheduled for early March. Not funny ha ha.

Update: Microsoft has issued an official workaround that involves removing all media. If that doesn't work you can try removing all your installed apps and then all of your installed games. Yes, that does sound a lot like shooting in the dark but hey, it's official.

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