Kinect hacks, performance art edition: pin boards, puppets and RoboThespians

Tired of Kinect hacks yet? We hope not, as the frequency and ingenuity of them only seems to be increasing with each passing week. The three in this latest group all fall more or less under the banner of performance art, and include two hacks that let you control two very different avatars -- a virtual puppet in the "We Be Monsters" project and the very real "RoboThespian" -- as well one that creates a virtual pin board that's perfect for your next rave. If the RoboThespian looks a little familiar, it's because it's actually been in development since 2005, but it recently got a Kinect-enhanced upgrade for its appearance at CeBIT this month. Head on past the break for videos of all three hacks in action, and hit up the links below for some additional details.

[Thanks to everyone who sent these in]