Skyhook brings location-awareness to the Sony NGP, including WiFi-only models

The news got a bit overshadowed by some augmented reality demos and a little game called Uncharted, but Sony also talked a bit about the NGP's location-aware capabilities at GDC this past week, which we now know will rely on Skyhook's Core Engine system. What's more, that functionality will apparently be included on WiFi-only models in addition to those with 3G, which means that all NGP users will be able to play location-aware games and take advantage of other various social applications. As explained by Sony at GDC, that could include things like the ability to find nearby NGP users and see what they're playing, and even more elaborate things like real-life treasure hunts -- all of which can presumably be switched off if you prefer to keep your mobile gaming habits to yourself.

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Gamers and developers to benefit from Skyhook's market-leading location technology

Barcelona, Spain - March 1, 2011 - Skyhook, the world leader in location positioning, context and intelligence, announced that Skyhook's Core Engine will be embedded in the next generation portable entertainment system (codename: NGP) from Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCE). NGP, which will make its debut at the end of this year, is SCE's new portable entertainment system. With the addition of Skyhook's Core Engine technology, it will better enable gamers to enjoy location-aware games and social applications by providing the most precise, reliable, and fastest location information available.

Geolocation is at the center of innovation and is fundamental to many emerging mobile games and services. Precise location enables new localized gaming features such as regional leader board, helps gamers find players nearby to challenge, or lets users find localized content. In addition, today, there are tens of thousands of mobile applications that incorporate location as a part of their user experience. Applications such as Facebook and Foursquare incorporate location to simplify user experience and to personalize content delivery.

"The launch of NGP is the latest in a long line of innovations over the past years that demonstrate how the PlayStation® brand continues to push the game industry forward," said Masaaki Turuta CTO of SCE. "Precise location information is increasingly central to the portable entertainment experience. Skyhook's Core Engine will provide NGP with superior location capabilities."

Skyhook is the recognized leader in geolocation technology and fulfills hundreds of millions of location requests every day across over 100 million handsets, tablets, netbooks, cameras, and other mobile devices. Skyhook's ground-breaking Core Engine system combines Wi-Fi, cellular, and GPS readings to produce a single, accurate location quickly and in all environments.

"SCE is one of the global leaders in innovative gaming and portable systems," said Michael Shean, founder and senior vice president, Business Development, Skyhook. "Skyhook is thrilled to enhance SCE's NGP with superior location accuracy and availability and to expand into the portable gaming category."

"PlayStation" is a registered trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
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Skyhook is the worldwide leader in location positioning, context and intelligence. In 2003, Skyhook pioneered the development of the Wi-Fi Positioning System to provide precise and reliable location results in urban areas. Today, Skyhook's Core Engine provides positioning to tens of millions of consumer mobile devices and applications. For more information visit