ExoPC set to release two all-in-ones in June, bringing its UI to MeeGo

Last we left off in the ExoPC story, the company had just brought its tablet to Microsoft retail stores, and while the startup's CEO Jean-Baptiste Martinoli says the sales have been strong (in the 10,000 range), it's getting ready to branch into new areas. The first keeps it in Microsoft's camp, as the company plans to release two Windows 7 all-in-ones with its Connect Four-like software later in June. Both will be made by Malata, however, the 18.5-inch version -- which is pictured above and is demoed in the video after the break -- will be powered by a dual-core Atom processor, while the 23-inch version will get some higher-end silicon. It also turns out that some other top tier manufacturers plan to bring Win 7 all-in-ones to market this year running ExoPC's software on top.

The second area of development? MeeGo. The company's been hard at work bringing its HTML-based layer over to Intel's MeeGo OS, and 70 percent of the software is already complete. Additionally, 98 percent of the Flash and HTML apps are compatible, however, it's working on syncing the Exostore with Intel's AppUp selection. As you can see in the screenshot after the break, it looks almost identical to the Windows 7 skin, but we're definitely feeling the UI over Intel's own MeeGo tablet interface. Hit the break for that AIO video and stay tuned for hands-on with the MeeGo tablet version.