Adobe Flash Player 10.3 enters beta before Q2 release on desktop, mobile to follow soon after that

Adobe's Flash Player 10.2 is (somewhat infamously) still absent from mobile devices, but the company is bravely promising that its brand new desktop beta of version 10.3 will be coming to both desktop and mobile devices "soon." Improvements in the latest iteration include some acoustic hocus pocus for better internet telephony, new video analytics APIs, privacy controls integrated into browser settings in Firefox 4 and IE8 (Chrome and Safari to follow), and native control panel integration with both Mac's System Preferences and Windows' Control Panel. Beta testing ends in Q2 2011 for the desktop and a mobile release should follow swiftly thereafter. As to when we'll finally be able to stop discussing which devices have or can run Flash, not even Adobe could provide us with a reliable roadmap for that.