HTC seeks EVO View 4G trademark, all but confirming WiMAX tablet for Sprint

Not that we were doubting the veracity of our tipster's info, but here's a nice fat slice of pseudo-official confirmation of what we were told a couple of days ago. HTC has laid claim to the trademark of "HTC EVO View 4G," confirming our indications that an EVO View tablet would be coming to Sprint's Now Network. That postulation is also supported by the fact that the EVO branding has only ever appeared in association with Sprint as well as some pretty compelling circumstantial evidence. There is an interesting new piece to the puzzle, however, in the 4G appendage to the device's name, which would imply that we're looking at our first WiMAX tablet -- something Sprint promised for this year and looks set to unveil at the upcoming CTIA 2011 trade show. Our expectation is that the EVO View 4G moniker will be attached to HTC's1.5GHz Flyer, a 7-inch Android Gingerbread slate with aspirations for Honeycomb glory in its near future. Only one way to be sure though, keep an eye on our CTIA coverage and we'll let you know as soon as the official bird chirps out the official word.