Jolicloud renames operating system 'Joli OS,' promises new web and Android apps

Well, it doesn't involve the company's Jolibook laptop, but it looks like some fairly big changes are indeed in store for Joliclould's upstart operating system. In addition to confirming that version 1.2 be released next week, the company has announced that it will be renaming the operating system "Joli OS" to avoid confusion with its online desktop, which will remain "Jolicloud." What's more, while that latter component is currently only available for Chrome, the company's announced that it will be adding support for Firefox 4, Safari 5 and the iPad (in an "experimental" HTML5 port), and it's even now announced plans for an Android app. Unfortunately, details on it are about as light as can be at the moment, with Jolicloud only saying that it's coming in the "future." More details and screenshots of version 1.2 are promised in the next few days, though.