Rumor: Dance Hero under development at Activision

Activision is allegedly working on Dance Hero, say sources speaking to Kotaku. The site has also been informed that artists like Timbaland, Jay Sean, The Prodigy and Afrojack will be featured in the unannounced title.

There are no further details on what platform the product will be on, leaving the door open to it being something controller-focused like Ubisoft's mega Just Dance franchise or Kinect-driven like Harmonix hit Dance Central. Heck, it could be both; Activision has the cash -- especially after recent unfortunate reductions. Also, depending on how current the information is, there's the slight possibility that the Dance Hero baby got thrown out with the Guitar Hero bathwater.

Housekeeping for such a franchise was already done way back in 2008 when the publisher trademarked Dance Hero. Several years later, with the rise of the dance genre, it would seem the publisher is ready to hit the dance floor.