T-Mobile's new data plans detailed, launching March 13th

Tim Stevens
T. Stevens|03.08.11

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T-Mobile's new data plans detailed, launching March 13th
As it turns out a 20 percent discount isn't all that's in the cards for T-Mobile webConnect subscribers. We now have what looks to be full details on the new data-only plans for laptops and other devices that, rather sadly, feature price increases across the board. T-Mo will be offering a monthly 200MB plan for $29.99, 5GB for $49.99, and a new 10GB choice for $79.99. That compares to $24.99 for the current 200MB plan and $39.99 for the current 5GB plan -- but don't forget those 20 percent discounts if you also have T-Mobile voice, which bring the cheapest plan down to a more tangible $23.99, 5GB to $39.99, and 10GB to $63.99. The last two are overage-free, but they're also throttling-enabled.
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