Best iPhone Photos: Monument Valley with Pro HDR

monument valley

It's a landscape burned into the American historical consciousness. Utah's surreal and beautiful Monument Valley has served as a backdrop for countless Hollywood westerns. Now, our roving reporter and avid photographer Mel Martin has captured the vista right before sunset using his iPhone 4 and the Pro HDR application from EyeApps. Click the image for the full-res version.

This is a perfect example of the great work iPhone photographers are doing in the field, and it certainly passes the jawdrop test: anyone seeing it is likely to exclaim, "Wait, you took that picture with a cell phone?"

(By the way, Mel notes that this particular shot was taken without a tripod.)

Read on for another image of "The Mittens," iconic stone features of the desert, and a dawn landscape.

The Mittens:

the mittens monument valley

Monument Valley at dawn: