Hulu Plus on TiVo apparently being tested, live streaming to iPad apparently being considered

So, an update. Er, a refresher if you will. Back in September of last year, TiVo announced that ingrained Hulu Plus access would be coming to its DVRs "in the coming months," but we've heard precisely nothing on the matter ever since. Enter the present. We've got a tipster who owns a TiVo Premiere and was just invited to join a Field Trial to "test Hulu Plus on TiVo," and he's also receiving codes to receive a free month of service. It's hard to say what kind of gap we're looking at between the testing period and the go-live period, but at least we've got a little assurance that no one simply forgot about their promise. In related news, other tipsters are starting to receive some fairly interesting surveys from TiVo itself, with a few questions in particular asking consumers how they'd feel about the option to "stream live TV, DVR recordings and TV shows from a cable company's On Demand library to one's iPad." This seemingly includes in-home and remote streaming, and we have to say -- streaming to the tablet just might be the magic feature that finally gets TiVo out of the hurt locker. Probably not, but are you really going to judge us for being blindly optimistic?