Lenovo Skylight slate hits the FCC, no longer the LePad?

You remember Lenovo's 10.1-inch, Android LePad tablet, right? Well, we hope you didn't get too attached to its name since according to this fresh FCC filing it appears Lenovo's renamed it the Skylight slate. Yep, it looks like the company just didn't want that Skylight name to perish along with its never-released smartbook. We found the tablet hanging around those good old federal stomping grounds and from the images it looks exactly like the LePad we saw back at CES. According to the Skylight slate's user manual, it also has the same specs as the version we saw back in January -- there's a 1280x800-resolution 10.1-inch display, Snapdragon 8650A processor, Android 2.2, SRS speakers, and 1GB of RAM. There are also a few very clear shots of its two-cell, 27Wh internal battery. We don't have any details on the US arrival of the new slate and its U1 dock (if it's even still called that), but we're still assuming it won't arrive stateside until Honeycomb has been ported over. Hit the source link for a bunch of internal and external pictures and a glossy user manual.