Microsoft sells 10 million Kinects, 10 million Kinect games

First it was one, then two and a half, then eight, and now we're into double digits. Microsoft has announced that the company has sold its 10 millionth Kinect, surprising us all by making it the world's fastest selling consumer electronics device according to Guinness, finding buyers for somewhere north of 10 million games, too. Now, we know what you're thinking Mr. Cynical: "Each Kinect comes with a game and so of course M$ has sold 10 million titles!" Swallow that smug grin, because that's 10 million standalone games sold, and while a 1:1 tie ratio is hardly approaching PS2 territory it's certainly better than many had expected -- especially you, Mister C.

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Microsoft Announces 10 Million Kinect Sensors and more than 10 Million Kinect Games Sold to Date

LONDON –9 March 2011

Following one of the biggest launches in consumer electronics history, Kinect for Xbox 360 continued its momentum in 2011 reaching 10 million Kinect sensors sold worldwide to date. Not only were sensor sales an overwhelming success, but Kinect drove significant game sales with more than 10 million standalone Kinect games sold worldwide to date.

Guinness World Records: Kinect for Xbox 360 is Fastest Selling Consumer Electronics Device

In a nod to the recent sales success of Kinect, Guinness World Records has officially named Kinect for Xbox 360 the fastest selling consumer electronics device