Palm Pre 2 gets official webOS 2.1 update, Classic emulator hacked to work on it

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|03.09.11

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Palm Pre 2 gets official webOS 2.1 update, Classic emulator hacked to work on it
Hey, Pre 2 owners: want the webOS 2.1 action that Germans have been enjoying on their Pre Pluses for a couple weeks now? Of course you do -- and HP's got your back. The new update's been posted with support for the Touchstone's Exhibition mode, Voice Dial, and a plethora of updates to existing apps throughout the system (interestingly, the unlocked Pre 2 seems to have the Rogers model's update information, but we're pretty sure it makes no difference).

On a related note, remember Classic? The old-school Palm OS emulator for webOS was so neat back during the Pre's introduction that Palm worked closely with the developer to get it supported and available -- but when webOS 2.0 happened, Palm dropped the emulator like a hot potato by removing critical stuff from the platform's updated libraries. Well, with some sweat, blood, and a whole lot of elbow grease, it appears that PreCentral forum members have somehow managed to get Classic working on webOS 2.1 once again -- and you can, too, with a ten-step procedure. It feels like Palm OS is becoming more of a vintage novelty than a mission-critical platform by the day, but hey, we can understand the sentimental value.
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