GM looking to offer lower-cost, shorter-range Volt?

Tim Stevens
T. Stevens|03.11.11

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GM looking to offer lower-cost, shorter-range Volt?
We've certainly had some complaints about the Chevrolet Volt, including mediocre highway mileage, but far and away it's that $41,000 MSRP keeping it from being a real contender for mass adoption. Now we're hearing rumors that GM is thinking about down-sizing the car's batteries in an attempt to drop that price as well. The battery pack is far and away the most expensive single component in the car and the thought is that a reduction of the pure EV range to just 20 miles (down from its current 30 - 50) could have a whopping $10,000 reduction in cost. That would mean buyers would dip into the gas tank a little sooner but be a lighter on their bank accounts -- at least in the beginning.

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