BlackBerry PlayBook launch-date palooza: tablet to finally drop in mid-April?

A round of leaks today has potentially pinpointed the second week of April as the launch window for RIM's slick seven-inch PlayBook. An email purportedly sent out by Sears up in Canada confirms earlier echoes, informing buyers that the device will up for grabs on April 10, with preorders possibly beginning as soon as tomorrow. On top of that, an image from Staples' backend sent to Crackberry pegs a 33-day count down to start on the 15th, which lines up nicely with another leaked shot denoting an "ad date" of April 17. We've also received an unconfirmed tip from a Sprint rep saying that the PlayBook would be landing on the 15th, along with an a smattering of cases and a... stylus? Finally, we've been sent shots of some PlayBook signage apparently on display in a Future Shop in Canada highlighting the device's multitasking capabilities, reminding us "it's whats on the inside that counts." Oddly, the same signage mistakenly attaches the Xoom moniker, though we'd imagine that's just a blunder on the retailer's part. Of course, all of this is still completely unconfirmed by RIM itself, so until we hear otherwise, anything could happen. Signage shot after the break, and other photo goodness available at the source links.