iPad 2 line watch: the few, the proud, the soaking wet (updating)

Last night you couldn't walk down the street in New York City without becoming seriously soaked and breaking your umbrella, but you didn't really think that would stop those crazy Apple fans, did you? Oh yes, the iPad 2 lines are in full effect in NYC and around the country -- we're hearing there are already close to 150 at The Cube in Midtown Manhattan and scores of others in line in Austin, Fort Lauderdale, Palo Alto and more. And with reports of online orders not shipping for 2 to 3 weeks now, we're assuming those queues are only going to grow in the next few hours. It is, of course, our time-honored tradition to bring you photos of those incredibly brave line-sitters, and we'll be doing just that this afternoon and evening. We'll be heading out to grab some shots of our own soon and bring you the smiles and tears, but until then hit the break for a few we've been sent so far. Oh, and good luck everyone!

We're still getting some line pictures. This one is from NorthPark, Dallas at around 8:00PM CST. Thanks, Randall!

3:31 PM PST: Palo Alto line-goers use umbrellas because it's too sunny... not like we're jealous or anything.

6:06 PM EST: We're about to pack up here in NYC -- even though the view from inside is pretty nice. Here are a few more pictures of some happy new iPad 2 owners.

3:30PM CST: Mall of America Apple Store, Bloomington, MN. Thanks, Branden!

5:40 PM EST: Man, are they selling a lot of these! One woman's credit card was just declined, but don't worry... she had another!

5:36PM EST: We finally got some WiFi here at the 5th Ave. store. Lots of happy people with new iPad 2s! So many smiles.

Buffalo, NY. Thanks, Austin!

1:00PM PST: Alderwood Mall Apple Store, Lynnwood, WA. The first ten in line are Canadians, come to the US to get the iPad 2 early. Thanks, Michael!

4:54 EST: We just popped over to The Cube here in NYC. Just a few minutes now until they open the doors. So much cheering from those guys and gals in the blue shirts!

Reston, VA. The man in the red blanket has allegedly been camped out since 3AM! Thanks, Anup!

4:09PM EST: Target in Westbury, NY. An object lesson in how to dodge the Apple Store lines!

2:30 CST: Mall of Louisiana Apple Store, Baton Rouge, LA. Thanks, Josh!

3:15PM EST - Briarwood Mall, Ann Arbor, Michigan. +10 for the Engadget t-shirt! Thanks, @jsteinerman!

Salem, NH. Thanks, Raphael!

King of Prussia, PA. Thanks, Jared!

Baybrook Apple Store in Houston, TX. Thanks, anonymous!

Park City Apple Store in Lancaster, PA. Thanks, @EdGrohl!

Some video from The Cube. Looks like we should head to SoHo!

2:53PM EST: Philadelphia. Thanks, @angelsjr!

Austin, TX - SXSW pop-up Apple Store. Thanks, @jennydeluxe!

1:18PM EST: Boca Raton, FL. Thanks, Juan!

1:00 PM EST: Freehold, NJ. Thanks, Korey!