THQ: Warhammer MMO will cost $50 million, uDraw still making bank

See, this is how you can tell you can tell we're dummies about business. If someone asked us how much we'd spend on a Warhammer MMO in a world where World of Warcraft still reigns and Blizzard has another online game in the pipeline, our answer would be "not much." But THQ's answer, when posed the same question about the upcoming Dark Millennium? Around $50 million, according to CFO Paul Pucino, speaking on a recent conference call.

Just when we're about to get snide about our business savvy, Pucino reveals that the company expects to sell 1.7 million uDraw tablets (remember the uDraw?), up from a 1.3-million-unit prediction in December of last year. 1.7 million. uDraws.

Like we said: Dummies.