Xbox 360 IPTV rumors ride again with 'Project Orapa'

Just because Microsoft's Mediaroom IPTV service is finally supported on the Xbox 360 after years and years of expectations (as seen above) doesn't mean the rumor mill stops, with rumors surfacing of a "Project Orapa" that reportedly combines Xbox Live, Kinect and IPTV service all in one. ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley has heard from tipsters that it's related to the previously rumored Ventura multimedia project and will let subscribers to Mediaroom powered IPTV services like U-Verse use Kinect's gesture and voice recognition like ESPN3 already does to control their TV experience while Xbox users would get "more content." We should find out how much of this is reality and how it ties into previous rumors pretty quickly, since it's apparently going to be in testing this month, and available by the upcoming holiday season.