Sprint's Dan Hesse differentiates between unlimited and 'unlimited' in latest TV spot

We're not the biggest fans of new tiered data plans that are slowly but surely becoming the norm, and if the latest ad from Sprint is any indication -- that particular carrier isn't either. CEO Dan Hesse takes the offensive, reminding viewers that the word 'unlimited' shouldn't include things like metering or throttling, while touting the company's "Simply Everything" plan that actually does include, uh, everything. With customer gains on the upswing, the move is probably a good one -- though that whole 'premium data' thing is a little iffy. Full PR after the break.

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Sprint CEO Dan Hesse defines "unlimited" in new TV ad

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. (BUSINESS WIRE), March 12, 2011 - Sprint (NYSE: S) aims to set the record straight on what "unlimited" means in a new TV ad that once again features CEO Dan Hesse.

Building on previous successful campaigns featuring Hesse, the Sprint CEO appears for the 10th time in a TV spot that reinforces simplicity, value and Sprint's commitment to the customer experience. The new advertisement highlights that Sprint customers on Simply Everything® data plans don't have to worry about surprises on their monthly bills due to data overage charges on phones like they might with AT&T's tiered data plans. Nor do they have to limit their data usage on phones to avoid throttling, like they might with Verizon's new policy of slowing down speeds for heavy users or T-Mobile's policy of limiting speeds once customers reach 5 GB of data usage.

In the ad Hesse says: "The other day, I looked up the word unlimited in the dictionary. Nowhere in the definition did I see words like metering, overage, or throttling, which is code for slowing you down. Only Sprint gives you true unlimited calling, texting, surfing, TV and navigation on all phones."

He concludes with the question: "Why limit yourself?"

"Some of our competitors continually attempt to create confusion in the mind of the consumer by talking about 'unlimited' plans that are not truly unlimited on their networks," said Bill Morgan, Sprint senior vice president-Corporate Marketing. "If you have to worry about additional charges appearing on your bill based on usage, that's not an unlimited plan. We chose to use Mr. Hesse to deliver that message because he's become a trusted voice."

Sprint's Simply Everything Plan offers more value and simplicity than other wireless carriers, and is the only plan from a national carrier to offer true unlimited service while on the Sprint network for every phone without the worry of throttling or overage. The Simply Everything Plan delivers unlimited calling, text and Web, including email, social networking, GPS navigation, TV and radio while on the Sprint 3G and 4G networks for $99.99 per month, plus a required $10 Premium Data add-on charge for smartphones.