Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 showcased on video, doesn't look all that inadequate to us

We have no small amount of respect for Samsung for coming out and admitting that its Galaxy Tab 10.1 slate won't necessarily be the best thing since sliced Apples, but we wouldn't go so far as to describe it as "inadequate," which is what company VP Lee Don-Joo recently called it. It's a handsome, svelte and undeniably powerful device, a set of qualities that is in full show during AndroidHD's 11-minute long video of a day spent in the company of a Tab 10.1. Now, this isn't a hands-on video so much as a commercial made by someone other than Samsung. You can tell Sammy didn't author it because nobody tries to fit this Galaxy Tab inside a pocket. Jump after the break for the ocular feast.

[Thanks, Taylor]