Google Mobile app for iOS gets major revamp, new name

Google has released a major update to the Google Mobile app for iOS, with new features and a new name -- Google Search for iPhone (free).

The app has a completely redesigned user interface, and according to the developers, they've improved fast app-switching support. Multi-touch gestures have been added -- to make a search more specific, you swipe right on the results that appear, and a vertical toolbar appears allowing you to focus on places, images, news, shopping (both in stores and online), videos, Twitter and Facebook updates, blogs or discussions. A downward swipe lets you access settings and log into your Google account.

Even the help system is different in Google Search for iOS. When you tap on the question mark icon to display help, a transparent window with glowing blue spots overlaying areas of the user interface appears. Touching any of the blue spots displays an explanation of what function the appropriate icon or area performs.

The previous app did not support the Google Goggles feature on the iPod touch and iPhone 3G. That has now been remedied, and it's possible to search for items by picture on all of the platforms (note: we have not checked that on the iPad 2).

Be sure to take a look at some screenshots from Google Search for iOS in the gallery below.

[via MacStories]