Google buys Green Parrot Pictures, looking to make YouTube vids easier on the eye

If you can't fix it, buy someone who can. That must be Google's rationale behind this latest acquisition, as the proprietor of YouTube has just bought Green Parrot Pictures, a company concerned solely with enhancing and improving the quality of video content. Through the use of some fancy motion prediction algorithms, the Irish startup has been able to build a name for itself over the past few years, and now it's been snapped up by the biggest fish in the online video ocean. The removal of flicker, noise and blotches from poorly executed recordings sounds nice, but we're most excited by Green Parrot's video stabilization feature. With all the cameraphone video being uploaded nowadays, there's plenty of camera shake populating YouTube's archives, and the addition of such a potent post-production technique seems like a veritable boon to us. Check out video demos of the stabilization algorithm and Green Parrot's other technologies below.