Mythos announces European launch information

The hard part of anticipating a game early in the development process is the question of when you'll finally get a chance to see it released. Mythos has thankfully killed that part of the anticipation with the official announcement that the game will be going live as of April 28th, 2011. But if you can't wait that long to start in on a hack-and-slash bonanza and haven't been fortunate enough to get into the beta testing, how about a nice shiny box copy?

Before you get your credit card information out, it should be noted that as this is still the European release; the box copy itself is being sold through and will thus be rather limited for American players. For the European contingent, however, buying the box will allow access to the game on the 26th, two days before general release. Mythos players still have time to enjoy the closed beta for now, and as previously noted, open beta will begin on the 12th, if you're still up in the air.