Want to write for Engadget? We're hiring mobile, classic, European and reviews editors!

Oh sure, you love gadgets -- but do you have the chops to write about them? We'd love to know if you think you do, because we're looking to actually pay humans to do this stuff. Professional writing experience isn't necessary (though it doesn't hurt), but what we really care about is that you can write skillfully about gadgets with wit, concision, and authority. And being obsessed with Engadget is good, too. So here's what we're after:

  • Senior mobile editor - Full-time (salary or freelance), must be based in New York City (or nearby).

  • HD / classic editor - Part or full-time (freelance), must be based in New York City (or nearby).

  • Reviews editor (laptops, mobiles, etc.) - Full-time (freelance), must be based in New York City or the San Francisco area.

  • European editor - Full-time, preferably based in London (or nearby).

Want to apply? Read on.

Here's what you to do to apply (and just a heads up, if you don't follow the rules, you really hurt your chances):


  • Three sample posts written in the Engadget style.

    • "The Engadget style" doesn't mean a generic-sounding blog voice -- think about how your own writing style and voice can shine through while still fitting Engadget.

    • These sample posts can be about whatever you want, but they should seem like they could have been written by one of our writers (but without all the typos and gross inaccuracies). Avoid making up products or stories -- keeping it real helps us see how you might handle an actual news item.

    • Make sure these are germane to the site you want to write for.

    • We won't be using these on the site, we just want to get a sense of how well you can do this stuff.

    • For the Reviews editor, please write three news samples, and if you have any review samples, toss one or two of those in as well.

  • Your favorite related gadgets (and why).

    • If you're applying for Engadget classic (including the Euro spot), list your fave gadgets of all time.

    • For Engadget Mobile, only list your three favorite cellphones or mobile technologies.

    • For Engadget HD, tell us about your home theater setup, or list your top HD products.

    • For reviews editor, tell us about your favorite camera, laptop, smartphone or robot.

  • Give us a few words about how you think Engadget differs from other technology pubs out there.

  • For Mobile and HD, your sample posts should be exclusively on mobile or HD topics -- and don't be afraid to get technical. We want to see some expertise! Since our HD hire will also be assigned 'classic' Engadget posts, please mix at least one 'classic' post into your application samples.

  • For the reviews editor position, you should be a familiar with writing long-form, in-depth content and with handling benchmarks.

  • For the European position, it's best if you're based in London. You'll be handling a full day's work, primarily on Engadget Classic. If you can't commit your entire days to this, it's probably not for you.

About You

  • A few words about yourself. (Please note, due to legalities we can't hire minors.)

  • Your contact info.

  • How much time per week you can commit to blogging. If it's less than twenty then you probably shouldn't bother, and keep in mind we're looking for folks to be on as much as humanly possible. But be realistic, okay?

  • Any foreign languages you speak. Those fluent in German, Japanese, Korean and / or Chinese will be looked fondly upon.

  • Any experience you have with CSS / HTML / PHP coding, or otherwise monkeying with code in a content management system (don't freak out if you have none of this).

  • Any other questions you may have about the gig.

What not to do (and what to do)

  • Don't just send us stuff you wrote elsewhere, we're not asking for clips -- we want three new samples. However, if you're an established writer, please do forward examples of your best work.

  • If you're an established writer, you can attach a resume (either in the body of the email itself or as an attachment is fine) as well as a cover letter with links to your previous work.

  • If you have any questions, email darrenATengadgetDOTcom directly.

Note that we will only review fully complete applications, and remember to put the name of the position you're applying for in the title of your email.

We also apologize, but the sheer volume of applications makes it difficult to respond to everyone. If we're interested we'll get in touch, and thanks in advance!

To apply to Engadget, please send us an email at jobsATengadgetDOTcom with the phrase "Mobile 2011 jobs," "HD / Classic 2011 jobs," "European 2011 jobs," or "Reviews Editor 2011" (no quotes) in the subject, depending on what you're applying for!