How would you change Samsung's Nexus S?

The first phone to ship with Android 2.3 has been kicking around for a solid quarter now, which means it's just about time to roast it here on How Would You Change. The Nexus S didn't provide the same system shock as did the Nexus One, but bringing a curved display, Gingerbread and an embedded NFC chip to US airwaves definitely made an impact. 'Course, we're still waiting for a version to ship with support for AT&T's 3G bands, but we're confident that quite a few T-Mobilers have bit the bullet by this point. You've heard our thoughts on the matter, and now it's your turn -- if you were in control of dictating the second-ever Nexus phone, how would you have done things differently? Would you have stuck with HTC rather than heading over to Samsung? Shipped it on a different carrier from day-one? Thrown in a white version just to rub things in? Get creative down in comments below -- there's no telling how your nuggets of wisdom will shape the inevitable Nexus T 2.