HTC EVO 3D, EVO View 4G specs revealed ahead of Sprint's CTIA announce?

All signs are pointing to a Sprint blowout at CTIA next week -- and we'll be there, of course! But ahead of that, BGR's claiming a few additional details on the headline devices we scooped not long ago that Sprint should be showing for the first time at the show -- namely, the EVO 3D and EVO View 4G tablet. On the EVO 3D side, this bad boy is shaping up to be a proper EVO 4G successor with a newer 1.2GHz Qualcomm MSM8660 processor, 4.3-inch glasses-free 3D 960 x 540 display (which, like the rumored Pyramid, suggests HTC is following the qHD trend set by Motorola), a whopping 1GB of RAM, 1080p video out, 1.3 megapixel camera up front, and -- of course -- dual 5 megapixel cameras around back for stereoscopic capture. The rumor also pegs Gingerbread at launch along with 3D versions of the Blockbuster and YouTube apps to make sure users have plenty of 3D content out of the gate; that tidbit seems particularly believable considering that YouTube introduced high-quality mobile playback on the EVO 4G last year.

As for the EVO View 4G, it's shaping up to be a CDMA / WiMAX remix of the Flyer -- as expected -- complete with pen input. They're also expected to confirm that the Xoom will be coming in a Sprint flavor (with WiMAX in place of Verizon's LTE, of course) and will be launching "in the coming weeks or months." Looking like it's going to be tough for any other carrier to go this deep at the show -- but hey, we invite 'em to give it a shot.