Intel promises next-gen Atom chips at IDF Beijing

We've yet to get more than a whiff of Intel's Oak Trail chips, but the Cedar Trail CPUs are nearly here -- in fact, it's looking like Chipzilla intends to introduce its latest Atom processor at IDF Bejing this year. UMPC Portal noticed that Intel's got a session titled "Designing a New Generation of Netbooks with the Intel Atom Processor Based Platform" at the April event, which promises to give attendees a glimpse at the "next generation Intel Atom processor based platform." Details are scarce, but there are a couple of bullet points that might grab your attention. First, Intel will be talking about "WiFi solutions that deliver new netbook usage models," which sounds kind of like WiDi, and second, the company will be talking up "fanless netbook designs." Our overactive imaginations are already at work -- we're on a comfy couch, surfing the internet on a big-screen TV, without a hot, bulky laptop to weight us down and nary a tether to worry about. Or, maybe a boat.