Nexus S 4G confirmed by Sprint's own website, first 'fully integrated' Google Voice smartphone

in case we didn't leak this thoroughly enough for your tastes, here's Sprint spoiling its own surprise: the Nexus S is coming to the Now Network in a 4G flavor. Touted as "Pure Google," this WiMAX-toting device will be the very first to feature "fully integrated" Google Voice -- which we're told means using only one number for all your calls and permits for things like web calling and voicemail transcription. Pretty snazzy, if you ask us, and potentially even more important than the mere addition of 4G networking. All it took to discover this bit of intel was a casual search for "nexus" on Sprint's web portal, not exactly the hardest snooping job ever, but we appreciate our eagle-eyed tipster for doing it all the same. Now it's just a matter of waiting a few more hours until Sprint's CTIA event to hear the full details of its collaboration with Google.

[Thanks, MTW]

Update: What do you know, Sprint must read Engadget. The offending search topic has now disappeared from its public servers.

Update 2: And now it's official. $200 on a two-year contract, arriving this spring.