Sprint, Google Voice getting tight integration, will let you use your number without porting it

If the Nexus S 4G wasn't enough to get you excited, Sprint and Google have one more trick up their collective sleeves this morning: an unprecedented new level of integration with Google Voice. Basically, you'll be able to use your existing Sprint number in Google Voice, but through some custom-brewed sorcery and magicks, you won't have to port it to Google Voice -- your number, and your account, still belong to Sprint so that you won't get an ugly early termination fee. And if you like your current Google Voice number more than your Sprint one, that's cool, too -- you'll be able to set it up so that your GV number shows when you make calls or send texts on your Sprint phone. Either way, you'll use Google Voice for voicemail (as many folks already do) instead of Sprint's voicemail service. No word on when the feature will launch ("soon" is all they're saying), but live demos will be on display at CTIA this week -- on Nexus S 4Gs, we're willing to bet. Follow the break for video!