Caption contest, video edition: Android gets its groove back

The Android mascot certainly gets around, there's no doubt about that -- but did you know it can also get down? Watch and learn.

Tim: "And thus the talent portion of the Ms. Xperia Arc pageant proved to be far more interesting than the swimsuit competition."
Darren: "First stop: Akihabara Mall. Next stop: Dancing with the Stars."
Joe: "Fragmentation or no, our man can still krump with the best of them."
Don: "And now, a preview of Android 3.2: Electric Boogaloo."
Sam: "What version of Android is the person in the costume running?"
Chris: "I call this next move the Force Close."
Myriam: "Go-go gadget Android dance app?"
Michael: "I've seen b-boys and b-girls, but never knew there were b-bots."
Richard Lawler: "Chris Brown is making a quick comeback after today's Good Morning America blowup."
Christopher: "Lady Gaga fires stylist following first mall appearance."
Sean Hollister: "Look ma, no thumbs!"

[Thanks, Anders]