ComScore: Microsoft becomes second for online video in one month (update)

Earlier this month, we got word that Bing had surpassed Yahoo! as the world's second most used search engine, and now Microsoft's solidifying its place as runner-up, coming in behind YouTube as the internet's number two provider of streaming video, with 48 million unique viewers in February. According to ComScore's latest ranking of online video providers, the software giant went from number seven to number two in just one month, bumping Yahoo! down to third place. Of course, YouTube is still way out in front, with over 140 million visitors, but given the speed with which it leaped ahead, we'd say Bing is doing something right. Check out more online video results after the break.

Well, as it turns out, Microsoft wasn't number two for video in February, after all. We received an e-mail this morning informing us that ComScore made a correction to its numbers, showing VEVO as the runner-up, with 49 million unique viewers last month. That doesn't change the software giant's leap ahead -- it's still holding down third place, with 48 million -- but it certainly looks like someone's got some stiff competition. Check out the updated chart above for the new numbers.