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Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 'NoDo' update starts rolling out, brings copy / paste and other fun additions

Don't mind that ruckus over in the corner -- that's just millions of Windows Phone 7 users jumping around in boundless celebration. After hearing that the so-called NoDo update would be splashing down on WP7 phones in early February, it seems as if the coders at Microsoft took a few extra weeks to get things just right. Today, the company updated their Windows Phone update history to describe the new features that are rolling out in staggered fashion to phones around the globe, and the standout addition is the copy and paste functionality that AT&T's HD7S will ship with later in the year. You'll also see your apps and games load faster, your marketplace searches refined and your WiFi performance improved. There's also a host of Outlook, messaging, Facebook, audio and camera improvements, though it remains unclear if said video camera now retains your shooting preferences even after you exit the app. Hang tight if you haven't seen your update notification just yet, and be sure to let us know how the new build is treating you down in comments below.

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