Ecclestone proclaims no 3D broadcasts for F1 as the sport prepares for HDTV this weekend

If you thought that the upcoming debut (delayed after Bahrain withdrew due to unrest in the region, leaving Australia on the 27th) of Formula 1 racing in high definition this weekend would finally put an end to Bernie Ecclestone commenting about broadcast technology, you were wrong. According to PitPass, the F1 chief said "I've always said 3D will never be used," when asked about it recently. This, despite LG's tests of the technology last year and curious declaration by Korean provider SingTel that it will actually broadcast races in 3D this year, according to Crave Asia. Of course, this is the same guy who claimed we would have to wait until 2012 for HD, but the article also notes he may have a personal objection to the technology due to being blind in one eye. We haven't seen any footage of F1 action in 3D yet, but after the long, long wait for F1 HDTV broadcasts, we wouldn't expect it to lead the way in other formats regardless of any potential health issues.