Operabots take center stage at MIT Media Lab's 'Death and the Powers' opera

It already had its premiere in Monaco last year, but composer Tod Machover's new opera, "Death and the Powers," has now finally made it to the United States. Why are we reporting on a new opera (rather than Opera) on Engadget? Well, it just so happens to feature the "Operabots" pictured above, which were developed by MIT's Media Lab. The lab also helped develop some of the opera's other high-tech components, but it seems like the Operabots are the real standout -- they're "semi-autonomous" and freely roam around the stage throughout the opera, acting as a Greek chorus. Not surprisingly, the opera itself also deals with some futuristic subject matter. The Powers of the title is Simon Powers, a "Bill Gates, Walt Disney-type" who decides to upload his consciousness into "The System" before he dies -- hijinks then ensue. Those in Boston can apparently still get tickets for the final performance on March 25th -- after that it moves onto Chicago for four performances between April 2nd and 10th. Head on past the break for a preview.