WoW TCG: War of the Elements worldwide release April 26

Cryptozoic has just announced that War of the Elements, the first WoW TCG Worldbreaker expansion, will be released worldwide on April 26, 2011. The expansion is being released in four languages at the same time around the world, a first for the trading card game. War of the Elements also features loot cards, as usual, for WoW players to redeem cool pets, mounts, and other in-game items from WoW TCG cards. War of the Elements will include Landros' Lichling, Fool's Gold, and the Savage Raptor mount.

War of the Elements will also feature two new dragonflights: the bronze and blue flights, with respective leaders Nozdormu and Kalecgos. What is interesting is that the TCG has solidified Metzen's statement that Kalecgos would become the new leader of the Blue Dragonflight and plays up the importance of these two flights in the coming patches and content in Cataclysm.


For Cryptozoic, it seems that the worldwide release was especially important for War of the Elements, as players all around the world partake in the Darkmoon Faire tournaments and gatherings. Releasing simultaneously on an international scale is also going to affect some of the upcoming tournaments. On its blog, Cryptozoic has laid out how the new release date of War of the Elements will affect tournaments and events before the set is releasing:

  • Darkmoon Faire Chicago The DMF will still feature War of the Elements. We're taking cards straight off the presses, directly and immediately shipping the first packs to Chicago. They may still be warm by the time they get to your hands, sweet like the perfect chocolate chip cookie straight from the oven.

  • Realm Championships There will be no War of the Elements on that weekend and you'll be playing with the current rules as they stand today.

  • Noblegarden Holiday Celebration This event will be Sealed Pack with War of the Elements.

  • War of the Elements Release Party Release Parties run from that Tuesday (4/26) through the weekend. Stores may run their Release Party during the week or alongside Noblegarden over the weekend.

  • Darkmoon Faire Koln War of the Elements is legal for DMF Koln.

If you want more WoW TCG, we recently reviewed the Assault on Icecrown Citadel raid deck from Cryptozoic, and the consensus was that it was a really fun game to bring friends over for.


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