Rogers throttles World of Warcraft across Canada

If you play World of Warcraft in Canada and were wondering why your connection seemed a bit slow, it turns out there may be a good explanation: Rogers Communications has been deliberately throttling the game across the country.

The telecommunications company has been trying to save on costs by slowing down internet speeds for customers who use various applications, such as Skype. Recently the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission conducted an inquiry that resulted in Rogers admitting that it targets WoW players by slowing down their connections while the game is being run.

Rogers said that it was Blizzard's use of BitTorrent to deliver updates that triggered the throttling, noting that customers who disabled this setting -- as well as any other peer-to-peer applications -- would not see a slowdown in speed. "Rogers will engage our customers to ensure they are aware of these recommendations, while continuing to work on a longer term solution," a spokesperson said.