Xbox 360 Update Preview Program begins anew, sign up for your sneak peek now

Once upon a time, the Xbox 360 dashboard looked like the picture above -- then, Microsoft blasted it with yearly updates to transform it into the warm, welcoming interface we've come to know and love. If you're already aware of that fact, then you may also know that a select group of lucky US gamers typically get to test out the latest revision months ahead of their peers, and today Microsoft's holding sign-ups for a new version that will include "an updated Xbox 360 disc format," whatever that might mean. You'll also get a free copy of Halo: Reach if your name is picked -- which, according to Major Nelson, is much more likely if you're paying for an Xbox LIVE Gold account -- so you'll probably want to dive through ancient email post-haste to find your Windows LIVE ID, head over to our more coverage link and give it a go. Let us know what those new discs are all about if you get in, eh?