Crapgadget: 'blurring the line between comical and offensive' edition

Just because the flow of Crapgadgets has apparently slowed from an outpouring to a mere flood doesn't mean we haven't been dutifully collecting the worst of the bad over the past few months. Without further ado, we present to you the latest edition, complete with a handful of this quarter's most atrocious / splendiferous gadgets. Frankly, it's a chore just deciding where to start -- should we extol the portable speaker kit with an utterly unnecessary Core i5 label on the outside, or give priority to Thanko's heated mousepad / hand-engulfing cat face? On second thought, maybe it's the real wood stick-on that enables every smartphone owner to literally knock on wood whenever the mood strikes. Unfortunately for us, there's also an iPhone 4 steering wheel to consider, not to mention a stick figure speaker with a questionable audio jack and a retrofied telephone with an integrated reading light. Have a peek at each below, and let us know in the poll below which is most abhorrent. And remember, honesty really is the best policy.

Read - Portable speaker kit, Core i5-powered!
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Read - Thanko's cat face / mousepad / warmer
Read - Knock On Wood iPhone stick-on
Read - iPhone 4 steering wheel (with speakers!)
Read - USB retro telephone (with alarm clock!)