Hogrocket's Ben Ward speaks out on Bizarre closure

Bizarre Creations community manager-turned-Hogrocket co-founder Ben Ward recently spoke to Eurogamer about the steps that led to his change of employ. The most important query -- what the hell is a Hogrocket? -- goes sadly unanswered. However, Ward explained how his former studio changed with its Activision acquisition, explaining, "for better or worse Bizarre became more 'corporate'."

Ward explained he wasn't hurt by the closure, saying, "Those guys wouldn't be top of their game if they didn't make difficult decisions." He added his former publishing partner "has strived to redistribute Bizarre peeps to other Activision studios throughout the world." As for the future of Hogrocket, Ward shot down the obvious answer for the studio's indie game debut: "It's not Geometry Wars," Ward said. "What Hogrocket is working on now is a completely new IP."

Trigonometry Battles? We can only hope.