Final issue of Curse of the Worgen now available

Curse of the Worgen is a pretty cool look at the worgen story and the lead-up to Cataclysm from the Gilnean point of view, and the series' final issue is now available. Not only that, but to celebrate this great series coming to an end, Blizzard has a treat for everyone: hi-res wallpapers of each of the Curse of the Worgen covers.

The final issue of Curse of the Worgen, the newest miniseries in Blizzard Entertainment and DC Comics' bestselling World of Warcraft comic line, is now available!

To celebrate, we present you with this gallery of high-resolution covers from the five-issue series, ideal for use as desktop wallpaper.

For more on Curse of the Worgen, check out your local and online comic book retailers, or visit the websites below.

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As a die-hard Hordie and worgen speculator, I was out of my so-called comfort zone with Curse of the Worgen. After reading the first issue, however, I was hooked. If you're the comic book type, as I imagine most of us are, you're going to find it enjoyable, as the dark mood works really well throughout the series -- plus, the art is phenomenal. Pick up the last issue of Curse of the Worgen and grab some awesome wallpapers as well.

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