Mac mini-powered car stereo hates phone books

Mac Mini Hero

There are many interesting, creative things you can do with a Mac mini, the over performing, underpraised hero of the Mac lineup. You can build it into your Millennium Falcon, good for shaving a parsec or two off the Kessel run; you can install Snow Leopard Server edition and use it to run your Facebook-beating social networking website; or, if you're really, really creative, you can install it in your 2001 Chevy Tahoe and use it to shred phone books.

Of course, using it for phone book destruction requires that you use only certain values of the terms 'interesting' and 'creative,' values nearer the shallower end of the gene pool than when using it to control your Millennium Falcon.

But still. I'm sure a Windows-based ICE system wouldn't have shredded that phone book nearly as well. Watch the video (sorry about the music) and let us know if you can think of an even better use for a Mac mini in the comments below.