Brooklyn Motorized looks to bring classic styling to new-age electric motorcycles

One of the most beautiful things about motorcycles is that their styling is rather less restrained than your average automobile. Bikes have covered just about every shape and size, largely ignoring crash testing results and aerodynamic concerns, and the upcoming electric motorcycle from Brooklyn Motorized certainly makes little concession for either. It's a scooter-sized thing, with about a 60MPH top speed and a 30 mile range, figures that don't fare particularly well to the competition from Brammo or Zero. But, this two-wheeled wonder is designed for apartment living, the battery pack coming out of the frame for easy charging indoors -- something Zero is only just starting to get behind. Also, cost here is expected to be less than $6,000, which could be plenty enticing indeed. That is, of course, if you don't have very far to go.