Hello, again

An unfamiliar face I'm not, but you'll be hearing a lot more from myself and Mr. Tim Stevens in the months to come. I've been around these parts since the summer of 2006 -- barely two years after the site launched -- when I (unknowingly) began a march to writing more professional blog posts than anyone else in the world. I have to credit Ryan Block and Peter Rojas for showing me the ropes (and Josh Topolsky for everything else), and I'm elated to admit that I've been here long enough to witness every Editor transition that Engadget has seen. To say I'm humbled to be in a position to take over the reins as Managing Editor would be a tremendous understatement; this brand is iconic not because of tricky advertising or dumb luck, but only due to the sleepless nights and incredible determination of the individuals that work here.

We've got a lot of moving parts right now, but there are two things that won't ever change: our dedication to our craft, and our insistence on delivering the best in breaking news within the consumer electronics space. I'd ask that you not take my word for it, and rather look to these very pages to see that vow borne out. You should expect a lot of new and exciting things from us in the future -- things like a renewed focus on tightening the integration with our mobile applications, more frequent reader meetups, zany new Engadget Show segments from across the tech universe, and expanded live event coverage. The foundation that Engadget was built upon (and that was drilled into me at an early age) remains firmly in place, and there's a stellar senior staff here intently focused on keeping it that way.

If you haven't managed to pick up on anything from my last half-decade here, you can dig into a bit of backstory with my Growing up Geek piece, raise your stalker status one higher by visiting my / Tumblr pages, and complete the holy trinity of digital friendship by following me on Twitter. Let's keep in touch, cool?

P.S. - That's me celebrating a meal at Taipei's Windows 7-themed restaurant, and yes, I drink from that glass daily.