Next-gen iPod nano chassis hints at camera?

Here's yet another juicy leak from China to go with your breakfast. Delivered by the same folks who brought us the sixth-gen iPod nano display module leak, this time we have what appears to be a chassis for the next touchscreen nano. According to, the circular hole at the top right is likely to house a little camera, which would bring back the good old days with the camera-donning fifth-gen nano. Obviously, to make space for such an imager here, the spring-loaded clip on the back would have to be downsized and shifted, which would explain why the four screws are off-centered here, unlike those on the current-gen nano (as seen in iFixit's teardown shot after the break). That said, let's not forget that this rumor is coming straight out of KIRFdom, so we'll remain skeptical until this baby pops out around September time, as has been the case with most nano launches in the past.