Dell's 10-inch Windows 7 tablet staying hidden until fall

Dell's Rosemount tablet is similar to the HP Slate in that it's a 10-inch, business-centric Windows 7 tablet whose launch has been bumped back further than originally expected. To be clear, this isn't an explicit delay, since Dell has never given official indication for when in 2011 it'll launch the slate device, but a leaked tablet roadmap back in February suggested it would be with us in the warm and breezy days of June. Now, Forbes is reporting insider info that states the Rosemount won't be hitting shops until fall, September at the earliest, meaning it'll miss the back-to-school sales period but arrive with plenty of time for the holiday shopping rush. Let's hope all this time taken leads to a finger-friendly software overlay for Windows 7 -- we love the OS' multivariate functionality but it was never designed for control with the imprecision of fleshy digits.